Business Profile of Harvey Agricultural Investment Services Ltd., Australia


Harvest Agricultural Investment Agency ( Harvest Agency )

Harvester Agricultural Investment Agency is an intermediary company that serves between real estate owners and investors, and acts as an agent for real estate transactions for existing farmers or potential agricultural investors. At present, investors have high demand for Australian agricultural investment. Harvester Agricultural Investment Agency has rich experience in agricultural investment and has long served customers in Asia, Europe and North America. Our business is based on reliability, integrity and experience. Customers will benefit from our superior market insight, knowledge and network.


Buy Australian agricultural assets

Harvest Agency has long provided reliable and stable cooperation and support to some of Australia's leading agribusiness companies. Based on these experiences and a large network, we can provide real estate and follow-up services that suit any investment needs. We have extensive experience in grain, cotton, cattle and sheep farming, and horticulture. We can provide investors with the best deals through our market observation and negotiation capabilities in real estate transactions. We can support our clients throughout the transaction, from purchases (including prior due diligence) to the establishment of operational, legal, financial and management procedures for each investment.


Harvest consultants ( Harvest Advisory )

Harvest Agency Consultants provides consultancy/manager services to existing and potential investors in Australian agribusiness. The company provides professional support to streamline Australian agricultural investment processes, including finding the right farm for you, completing due diligence, setting up financial and legal structures, and follow-up farm management services. Harvester Consultants has more than 20 years of experience in corporate farm operations and has a proven track record of providing operational, financial and management services to a wide range of agribusinesses. We have been involved in some of the largest agricultural transactions in the past five years and last year assisted in the completion of the Australian Aussie Asset Trading business (mainly overseas investment) with a turnover of over A$300 million.


If you have Australian agricultural investment needs, please contact us. We will discuss investment opportunities in Australia's agriculture with confidentiality to help you successfully complete your investment.